The Ceremony


At Meadow View Gardens we offer something unique, a choice of six ceremony sites.

The Pond & Waterfall

A stunning backdrop for a stunning bride. A beautiful oasis planted to give a magnificent display of colour and texture throughout the season. The gentle cascade of water as it makes its way down 15ft of falls and pools to the pond below. 


The English Cottage Garden

An absolutely idyllic setting being surrounded by borders filled to overflowing with trees, shrubs and perennials in every colour imaginable.

The Formal Lawns

A formal elegance. Walk down the wide aisle punctuated either side with large white planters of formal evergreens and flanked on both sides with pristine lawns.

The Walnut Walk

This beautiful avenue of Walnut trees is in the shade all day, perfect for those hot summer days, the last thing you and your guests want is to be in the full sun while you say "I do"


The Orchard

If you are looking for a slightly more rustic setting for a small wedding, then our orchard would set the scene.

The Meadow View

Less plants, more view. Set on the hillside with a breathtaking view of the rolling hills in our beautiful Northumberland countryside.