The Gardens

We hope you can visit Meadow View Gardens this year and enjoy our gardens as much as we do. 

The gardens at Meadow View were started in 2015 with a dream, which very quickly turned into planning and then into a lot of hard work. Everything that you see at Meadow View has been designed, constructed and executed by just the two of us, and we are still together!  


We got started on the half acre Victorian Kitchen Garden first as we really wanted to produce our own fruit and vegetables. The layout got underway in the Spring of 2015, with the pathways being marked and the beds being dug, not easy when the site started off as a hay field! The hedges were planted in the fall of the same year as were a lot of our apples and pears. Since then we have continued planting more fruit, and we plant enough vegetables each year to keep us supplied all season long, some varieties including potatoes, carrots, parsnips, squash are dug and stored to keep us going most of the winter too.

In early 2016 more cedar hedges were planted to start creating other garden areas. Also during the spring the next phase began with the Courtyard Garden, which was completed by the summer. The courtyard followed being constructed in the late summer of the same year.

2017 was the year that very nearly broke, not the camel's back but definitely our's with the construction and planting of the pond and 15 ft waterfall. The marking out and digging of the flower beds in our 2 acre cottage garden followed by the planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. The Rock Garden was constructed in the spring with planting being finished by late fall. 

While walking the gardens you may be lucky to catch a glimpse of our majestic peacocks in all their finery 

The Ornamental Gardens

The Courtyard Garden is the main entrance to our gardens and contains a mix of trees, shrubs and perennials. We have a romantic walk-through curved arbor with 16 varieties of Vitacella Clematis smothering the woodwork during the summer. Roses also take center stage in this garden giving off their glorious scent all season.

20180913_104730 (1).jpg

The Stumpery  Climb the hill to behind the pond and you will find yourself transported back to the mid 1800's where Stumperies were all the rage. Here you will see ferns, hostas, hellebores and many other shade loving plants growing in a unique setting.

The Gallery  A 200 ft walk of fine lawn lined with a formal evergreen hedge and a central sundial.

The Cottage Garden  With over 3,000 perennials and shrubs planted to date. Take a stroll through the winding grass paths that leads you from one beautiful flower bed to another, each containing traditional Cottage Garden plants. This garden also contains the stunning 100 ft Delphinium Walk.

Arbor for website.jpg

The Rock Garden contains a wide variety of alpine and rock garden plants and brings a long season of colour with foliage and flowers. 

The Pond & Waterfall This has been our biggest project with tons upon tons of rock, all collected from our property and used in the making of the 15 ft waterfall and pond. A large selection of plants including 150 large trees and evergreens of various shapes and colours, Japanese Maples and flowering shrubs and trees have been planted on the sweeping backdrop behind the pond that will look breathtaking especially when reflecting on the water on a calm summers day.

20200622_132238 (2).jpg

The Walnut Walk  Admire the natural cathedral of the towering Black Walnut trees.

Birch Avenue and Orchard  Both of these were planted 2 years ago and have put on tremendous growth since. We also have an existing orchard being over 100 years old.

Woodland Areas  

Primrose & Hellebore Wood is a newly planted woodland with young trees.