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The Gardens

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The gardens at Meadow View were started in 2015 with a dream, which very quickly turned into planning and then into a lot of hard work. Everything that you see at Meadow View has been designed, constructed and executed by just the two of us, and we are still together!  

Gardens Closed

It is with regret that we are closing the gardens to the public and we have cancelled all remaining opening times. We apologize for any inconvenience.

(The gardens are still available for weddings)

In early 2016 cedar hedges were planted to start creating garden areas. Also during the spring the next phase began with the Courtyard Garden, which was completed by the summer. The courtyard followed being constructed in the late summer of the same year.


2017 was the year that very nearly broke, not the camel's back but definitely our's with the construction and planting of the pond and 15 ft waterfall. The marking out and digging of the flower beds in our 2 acre cottage garden followed by the planting of trees, shrubs, perennials and grasses. The Rock Garden was constructed in the spring with planting being finished by late fall. During this year the Cottage Garden beds were marked out and the larger bare root trees planted.

2018 saw the Cottage Garden really take shape with the mass planting of shrubs and perennials. 90% of all perennials were produced by ourselves by either seed, cuttings or division. This was also the year we made the decision to become a wedding and events venue. Most of the gardens worked out nicely as ceremony sites and of course for photo shoots. However, there was one area that needed quite a lot of work and that was the reception lawns, there just happened to be a nursery with polytunnels on it! So, we moved the nursery and excavated the site for the sowing of grass seed to produce nice lawns and the laying of paths.

2019 was the year of our first weddings and they could not have gone better! It is extremely satisfying having people enjoying our gardens, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. Obviously work in the gardens never ends and we are always adding or enhancing our beds and borders. So 2019 ended being a wonderful year and we certainly looked forward to 2020, what could go wrong.......!

2020......well we all know what happened! With no weddings we spent all our time in the gardens and had a peaceful and productive time. This year we really expanded our vegetable garden to produce as much as we could and there is nothing as satisfying as picking your own food.


2021...and we're back! This was a busy and stressful year keeping up to date with all the restrictions but we managed to get through a lot of weddings with half being postponed ones from the previous year. We had the benefit of being an outdoor venue with a tented reception.

This year saw the planting of our new 1/2 acre orchard consisting of Apples, Pear, Plums, Peaches and Cherries. Some of you will remember our 1/2 acre Victorian Kitchen Garden and some of you will also remember that when we started our wedding venue we could not physically keep the Kitchen Garden as well as maintain all our other gardens and so we sadly had to discontinue this area and move our vegetable production to a smaller area near our nursery.

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Koi Pond and Waterfall

The Ornamental Gardens

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The Courtyard Garden is the main entrance to our gardens and contains a mix of trees, shrubs and perennials. We have a romantic walk-through curved arbor with 16 varieties of Vitacella Clematis smothering the woodwork during the summer. Roses also take center stage in this garden giving off their glorious scent all season.

Clematis arbor
Rock Garden

The Rock Garden contains a wide variety of alpine and rock garden plants and brings a long season of colour with foliage and flowers. 

The Pond & Waterfall This has been our biggest project with tons upon tons of rock, all collected from our property and used in the making of the 15 ft waterfall and pond. A large selection of plants including 150 large trees and evergreens of various shapes and colours, Japanese Maples, flowering shrubs and trees have been planted on the sweeping backdrop behind the pond that looks breathtaking especially when reflecting on the water on a calm summers day.

Koi Pond
Cottage Garden flowers

The Cottage Garden  With over 3,000 perennials and shrubs planted to date. Take a stroll through the winding grass paths that leads you from one beautiful flower bed to another, each containing traditional Cottage Garden plants.

The Gallery  A 200 ft walk of fine lawn lined with a formal evergreen hedge and a beautiful statue as the focal point.

Dappled shade in the Walnut Walk

The Walnut Walk  Admire the natural cathedral of the towering Black Walnut trees.

Opening Times 2023

Saturday June 10th

Sunday June 25th

Sunday July 2nd

Sunday July 9th

Sunday July 30th

Sunday August 6th

Sunday August 13th

Sunday August 20th

Sunday September 3rd

Sunday September 17th

Sunday September 24th

The gardens are open on the above days between 1.00pm and 5.00pm

Luxury mobile washrooms


Plenty of seating in either

sun or shade

There may be the possibility of purchasing plants.

Cash only.

Gardens Closed


Adults $10.00 per person

Children (10-18) $5.00 per person

Ages 10 and under Free

Group visits for a guided tour of 12 or more may book an alternative date by appointment, please contact Garry for more information

$12.00 per person

Cash only Please

HST included

Garry is also offering presentations again this summer during group garden tours of 25 or more and at Horticultural Societies and Garden Clubs this winter. Anyone interested please contact Garry for more information.

To book your guided tour please contact Garry

Cell: (905) 925-7553


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