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About us

I was born and raised in Devon, England where, at the age of 10 I started to show an interest in gardening and was fortunate to have been shown the old traditional ways of growing both vegetables and flowers by my Grandad.


After graduating school at the age of 16 I followed my love of plants and attended Horticultural College where I gained multiple qualifications and certifications.



Our nursery in Devon, England

Julie & Garry Edwards

We normally don't look like this!

In the following years I was fortunate to be able to work for some of the top growers in England specializing in  growing a range of shrubs, trees, perennials, conifers, fruit, climbers and alpines.

I have now been in the industry for 36 years, 11 of those operating my own nursery in Devon and the last 14 years here in Canada, running our own landscaping business and now most recently Meadow View Nursery.

Julie and I have now been married for over 22 years and in that time we have never had a garden of our own. The main reason for that is we don't seem to stay in one place for any length of time. The other seems to be that if your line of work consists of gardening or working with plants, you don't quite seem to have the time to carry out gardening at home.

Well, now we have found a place that we love and have no intention of moving again! That set the wheels in motion for designing our ultimate garden, and one that we would like other people to enjoy. So you can imagine the fun it has been putting all our ideas into motion and the first area that took precedence was the Victorian kitchen garden. We love the Victorian era and love growing fruit and vegetables so there was no question, we had to have the kitchen garden. Unfortunately funds did not quite stretch to the authentic wall enclosure so we have had to do this with cedars. However, inside the garden we are keeping the growing and training of fruit and vegetables as authentic to the Victorian era as we possibly can.

One of our landscape projects

Other areas of our gardens have been completed while some are in the process of being developed. If you take a look at the map on the gardens page you will see that it is no small project that we are undertaking and will take some time to complete. Saying that, being gardeners your gardens are never finished, they are always changing and evolving.